Two Haunting Elegies and Mozart: Salzburg 1776 to Vienna 1784

Concert 1 photo landscapeSaturday, September 24, 8 PM

Roberts Hall, Haverford College

Sunday, September 25, 8 PM

Lang Concert Hall, Swarthmore College

Both concerts free and open to the public without ticket

How does a personal calamity, an international disaster, or just the passage of years affect a composer’s music? How does Janice Hamer deal with the tragedy of refugees fleeing war and poverty in “For the Uprooted?” How does Arne Running express the inner turmoil of his personal life in his “Lamentation”? What circumstances led Mozart to interrupt his work on the piano concerto we now list as K. 449, finally completing it more than two years later? Can we see his progression as a composer from the “Wunderkind” years of the “Serenata Notturna” to the mastery of K. 449, or even in the two years that separate the movements of K. 449? What makes a composer “tick”? We hope you’ll join us to ponder these questions or just sit back and enjoy a compelling combination of early Mozart and new music.

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